Mantrap: Playing BILLY BUDD

An experiment in "doing things with novels" using Ivanhoe in Hunter College's ENGL 399 course

Lewis Mumford

A New York boy through and through. I never earned my baccalaureate degree (came down with a bit of a cough), but that didn’t stop me. I joined the Navy at the tail-end of the Great War (ripeness is all), and, upon discharge, became an associate editor at The Dial.

To adequately reconstruct our society and reinvigorate creativity in the present, we need to look to our past. My book The Golden Day (1926) traces American literary history, placing Herman Melville as one of five nineteenth century writers who created the first literature that was truly American. My biography of Melville (Herman Melville) was published in 1929, and greatly contributed to the critical reappraisal and subsequent popularity of the author’s both major and lesser known works. You’re welcome, Herman.

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