I teach courses on American and modernist literature, as well as literary theory and the digital humanities, at Hunter. I’m also active at ACERT, the Academic Center for Excellence in Research and Teaching at Hunter, where I was director from 2014-17.

I’m currently teaching two courses, “Introduction to Literary Theory” and “Modernism’s Child.” I’ve also been working on an essay on pedagogical games, based on a recent course called “Doing Things with Novels.” You can read a short draft (and comment on it via the wonderful hypothes.is) here.


  • Courses I’ve recently taught include:
    • ABC of Modernism, a course linking early 20thC writing with pedagogy, both as subject matter and as practice.
    • “Modernism and the Image,” which links early 20thC experimental writing and visual culture in a wide variety of ways.
    • a survey of US prose from the Civil War to World War I that focuses on visual culture and has students build exhibits using Omeka like this one on Dreiser and the popular stage.
    • a survey of the US novel from 1900-present focusing on representation of labor and leisure
    • a course called “Art/Work” that examines representations of labor in a wide range of texts, as well as texts that thematize art itself as a form of labor
    • a single-author course on the work of William Faulkner at both the M.A. and B.A. levels, in which students and I collaborated on Yoknapedia, an encyclopedic resource aimed at students and lay readers of Faulkner’s work.

I’ve also published work on new approaches to teaching the novel genre using digital pedagogy concepts, and I’m working on an essay on pedagogical games: you can read and comment on a brief draft of the latter here.

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